Child Dedication

What is Child Dedication?
Child Dedication at Common Ground is a practice where parents make a solemn commitment to raise their children in the way of Jesus. Our ceremony is a public recognition of the importance of the parent’s and church role in providing a nurturing and loving context where children can experience the Gospel. It is also a time where parents recommit themselves to their own spiritual formation.

What is the Preparing for Child Dedication class?
The Preparing for Child Dedication class is designed to allow for conversation and instruction around the following topics:

  • What Child Dedication is and isn’t
  • What the Bible says about parenting and what responsibilities parents have
  • How Common Ground seeks to help parents spiritually lead and train their children

This class is required in order to participate in a Child Dedication service. The one hour class will be held at Midtown at 12:30 pm the Sunday before the dedication.

*Parents who attend the class once do not have to attend for subsequent children.

When is Child Dedication?
Child Dedication is limited to 5 families per service. Please find the 2016 dates below:


Dedication Date Registration Deadline Preparing for Child
Dedication Class Date
February 12 January 29 February 5
May 14 April 30 May 7
September 17 September 3 September 10


*To register for the next child dedication, please click here. If your preferred date is not listed then it is already full. Please select another Sunday.

What should we expect on the day of Child Dedication?
At the beginning of service, a pastor will make a few comments about Child Dedication to the parents and church community. Then the children being dedicated and their parents will be introduced.

Additional questions about Child Dedication?
Please contact .