Weddings at Common Ground

Most questions about weddings at Common Ground can be answered by reading this information and the documents that can be downloaded from this page. If after reading this information you still have questions, please call the area church office.

Wedding FAQ's

Do I have to be a member to get married at Common Ground?
- No. However, you must be a regular attender. We would love to accommodate each and every request for weddings, but based on the number of weddings held here each year we have made regular attendance a requirement to ensure that those who attend are able to have their wedding at Common Ground.

Is there a minimum waiting period? - Yes. To ensure the couple has sufficient time for pre-marital counseling there is a minimum 5-month period for weddings at Common Ground.

What is the wedding fee? - $530, which includes a $50 refundable security deposit. The fee covers a wedding coordinator, audio engineer, your pre-marital counseling, and use of various wedding decorations (see wedding handbook for details). In the event that audio/video requirements for your wedding require additional technicians or time, additional fees may be required. The fee is due when you submit your application.

Is pre-marital counseling provided? - Yes. We offer the Foundations of Marriage retreat for any couple planning to be married. After your application has been approved, you will be contacted by the church office staff with details and scheduling information. Foundations of Marriage is also open to regular attenders not getting married at Common Ground. Upcoming Foundations of Marriage Retreat dates are April 7-8, 2017 and September 15-16, 2017. Please email for details. 

Can I have my wedding on Friday? - No. Due to worship band rehearsal and other logistical issues we are unable to perform Friday weddings.

Wedding Handbook - Please review

Wedding Application - Please print and submit