Northeast Building Update

This page will be updated regularly over the coming weeks and months. Please check back for updates or contact Ty Denney if you have any questions.

December 18 Update


The past few weeks have flown by with lots of interior finish work being done. Carpet and VCT were installed. Audio and video equipment were brought in along with 350 chairs. And of course there has been lots of cleaning. And more cleaning! Here are a few pictures to give you a preview of the [mostly] finished space.



We are thrilled to announce that our final inspection passed and we are able to have worship services at this location on Sunday, Dec 20. We hope you can come and join us as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour Jesus in our new home!

November 21 Update


A few highlights from the past couple weeks include:

- New concrete was poured in the main entry.

- Vinyl siding was installed on the new addition.

- Dozens of trees, bushes and shrubs were planted around the property.

- Most of the rooms in the entire facility received a new coat of paint. Hats off to lots of volunteers who have helped out in the existing wing to move the painting work along!


Inside the building, painting will be wrapped up, new carpet and VCT will be laid, electrical circuits will be terminated and bathrooms will begin to take shape.

Outside the building, landscape and grading work will finish, new gutters and downspouts will be installed, and perimeter lighting work will commence.

Please continue to pray for all of this work to continue on or ahead of schedule as we look forward to enjoying our new space soon!

November 6 Update


The project continues to move very quickly and lots of work has been done over the past couple weeks. A few highlights include:

- Asphalt was laid in the expanded parking area.

- Broken concrete was removed in the main entry area and new drainage tile was installed.

- The new entry door, windows and brick were installed on the new addition.

- The majority of the drywall work inside the addition, sanctuary and existing wing has been completed.



Inside the building, drywall work will wrap up over the next several days and painting will commence. Electrical work will wrap up and lighting fixtures and furnaces will be installed. 

Outside the building, final grading of the property will occur in preparation for landscape work. The new concrete in the entry will be poured, new entry doors will be hung, and the vinyl siding will be installed.

As mentioned in our last post, several people have recently volunteered to help with work we are overseeing in the existing classroom/office wing. If you are interested in joining us, please contact  or  and they will find a way to get you involved. Skills and experience are helpful, but not required!


October 22 Update


Tremendous progress has been made the past couple weeks, both inside and outside. A few notables include:

- the expanded parking area has been cleared

- perimeter drainage tile has been installed and the retention area has been dug

- the roof has been installed on the new addition

- all of the framing and plumbing in the new addition is complete and electrical and HVAC work is well under way

- the sanctuary A/V booth, back wall and platform have been framed and are taking shape



The mechanical work in the new addition will wrap up soon and drywall work will commence in both the addition and existing facility. Please be praying that all inspections will go smoothly so this work will remain on schedule.

Outside the building, the site work will continue as the expanded parking area is graded in preparation for new asphalt. 

Recently we have had several [amazing] volunteers step in to help with work we are overseeing in the existing classroom/office wing. If you are interested in joining us, please contact  or  and they will find a way to get you involved. Skills and experience are helpful, but not required!

October 13 Update


God has blessed us with perfect weather to begin the construction of the new addition. In the past 8 days the framing has been completed and the exterior sheathing and roof decking installed. The project is currently ahead of schedule and we are excited to see our new home take shape!


Over the next few days the crew will work hard to get the roof shingled. This is important so that much of the remaining project will be protected from inclement weather delays. Once the addition is fully under-roof, the plumbing and electrical rough-in work on the inside will commence. Please continue to pray for protection for the workers during this phase of the project.


October 5 Update


The last few weeks have been filled with lots of activity. Great progress has been made on the new addition and site work, thanks in part to the beautiful weather with which we have been blessed. We've cut a new entry drive on Hague, poured the foundation for the addition, installed perimeter drainage tile, and completed all of the rough-in plumbing.

We've made strides inside as well as the cafe, green room and cry room have all been framed. 

Thanks to the help of Sarah Coe, we also narrowed down our selection of interior finishes for walls and flooring. 


Site work continues this week and the parking lot extension on the north end of the property will be cut as preparations are made for new asphalt.

Also, the framing of the addition will commence and the roof trusses will be installed. Getting the roof on the addition is a critical milestone so that work can continue on schedule in the event of inclement weather. Please continue to pray for favorable conditions and safety for the workers!


September 17 Update


We thought it would be great to show some of the excavation work that has begun this week. Though this task started a little behind, the contractor is confident the project will remain on schedule.







Inside the building, there was a substantial amount of interior framing work completed this week. This activity is ahead of schedule and it is great to see the sanctuary and adjoining spaces take shape.







We also submitted an order for 340 sanctuary chairs in preparation for our first worship gathering in our new space.



Excavation work will continue over the next several days and preparations will be made to lay the foundation for the new addition. Please continue to pray for the project execution to go smoothly and the weather to be favorable for the work at hand.



September 14 Update


On Saturday, September 12, we had a fabulous volunteer work crew come out to demo the interior of the existing building. Over 5000 square feet of carpet was removed, the existing stage and audio platform were discarded, built-in bookshelves and cabinets were removed, and several interior walls were taken out. 


CPM has already made good progress in the remodel efforts of the sanctuary. More framing will take place this week and next on the walls and adjoining rooms of the sanctuary. Additionally, the excavators will begin work to prepare the site for the foundation of the new addition to be constructed. We are very thankful to have beautiful weather for this work to commence. Please pray for safety for the construction crew and for smooth execution of the excavation work this week.


September 2 Update


During the month of August we significantly reworked the design of the children’s ministry addition, to try to reduce costs while still providing the space and functionality needed. Please see August 4 update below for details on the scope reduction. We are very happy with the resulting design, which was submitted to the City and approved for construction.

We’ve also worked to onboard CPM Construction, who will serve as our general contractor for the construction and remodel project. They will be mobilizing resources over the next few days with expectation that dirt will be moving next week.

On August 30, much of the above information was shared with our Northeast congregation. Click here to listen to Ty's message.


Over the next week or so the quiet, vacant church property at 7440 Hague Rd will quickly turn into a busy construction site. Earth moving equipment will prepare the site for the new addition, the parking lot expansion and the associated drainage and landscaping. Please be praying for good (dry) weather so this work can stay on schedule.

Demolition work on the interior of the building will also commence during this time. We’ll be pulling up old carpet and preparing the sanctuary for the remodel effort. Some of this demolition will be done via volunteer labor on Saturday, September 12. Please contact if you are willing to help out on that day.


August 4 Update


One step forward, two steps back. In July we received bids from three contractors regarding our planned renovation and site work. Fortunately, it was clear through this process that one contractor was best positioned to help us moving forward. We have started to engage them in more detail planning with our project and look forward to the date when construction begins. Unfortunately, the bids from all contractors revealed that the original project scope exceeded our budget. Because of this, we have cycled through a few plan revisions to stay within budget. The most significant revision includes reducing the two-story addition to a one-story addition. While this is certainly disappointing, we continue to believe the proposed one-story addition will provide sufficient space for our growing children’s ministry.


The aforementioned scope reduction requires us to resubmit architectural plans to the State and City. That work will take place in August with expectation of moving dirt shortly thereafter. Our contractor remains hopeful that we can maintain our move-in timeframe of late 2015 if this work stays on schedule (and the monsoon subsides.) We value your prayers for these upcoming activities and for good discernment as we journey into the construction project.


July 1 Update


The seal of the State of Indiana on the certificate above signifies that our design has been approved (and earlier than expected)! This is great news and positions us to be able to start with site work (i.e. moving dirt) once our drainage plans are approved. 

As mentioned earlier, a significant part of the site work will include expanding the parking lot to accommodate more vehicles. Unfortunately, this will require us to excavate several of the mature trees along the north boundary of the property. Our landscaping plan will ensure several plants, shrubs and trees are integrated into the property in other areas.


We have started due diligence on three contractors and will be reviewing their bids in the next week or so. We will also be submitting our plans to the City of Indianapolis to receive our structural permit, which is required before work on the addition can begin. We’ve heard the City is backed up with reviews right now so please be praying for a timely review.


June 17 Update


Over the past few weeks we have finalized our plans for site development and construction of the new addition and have submitted these to the State. State review is typically a 20-day process, so we hope to hear back from them by mid-July.

We’ve also been looking at the existing classroom/office wing and making plans for how that space may change. This area is currently separated into several small rooms. We plan to remove a few walls in order to create more open classrooms for our children’s ministry.



Over the next few weeks, three different contractors will be sending us bids for this project. As we receive and analyze this information, please be praying for wisdom and discernment so we can move forward quickly with the best contractor.




May 27 Update


Over the past few weeks, we have been working with architects and engineers to design an addition on the east side of the Sanctuary. This 8,400 square feet, 2-story wing will be added as the existing facility is not large enough to support our children’s ministry classes.

Our plan is to initially finish the first floor of the addition and remodel some of the existing classrooms to enable us to move in and begin ministry. The second floor of the addition will be left unfinished for now, but will allow our congregation to grow into the space in the coming years.


We’ve also been working with architects to finalize the design of the Sanctuary remodel, including a new stage platform, audio/video booth and adjacent foyer. It is exciting to dream about the Kingdom expanding as the Gospel is shared in this space!

On May 17, some of this information was shared by Bill Neal in our Sunday worship gathering. Listen to the audio recording from that announcement.



The plans for site development, the children’s ministry addition and the current facility remodel will be submitted to the State for approval in the next couple weeks. Please pray for timely review and approval so this project can continue on schedule. Until then, we can all enjoy the new sign in the front lawn.




May 3 Update

What's been done?

Common Ground is excited to announce that we have recently purchased the property at 7440 Hague Rd, 46256 as the future home for the Northeast area church. This property was previously owned by Hope Community Church, who built the 10,000 square foot facility in 1985. The property is approximately 3 acres and currently has about 75 parking spaces.

We have looked for a facility suitable for the Northeast area church for more than two years with the thought that something close to our current location (at Heritage Christian School) would be ideal. This property is 1.5 miles from HCS and is in the heart of a residential neighborhood within Lawrence Township. We believe this is an excellent area to establish our church and develop deep, meaningful relationships within the community. 

what's next?

We have plans to construct an addition on the east side of the current facility and expand the parking lot. Initial estimates suggest this project could take around 6 months to complete. Please check back in a few weeks as we will share some of the architectural drawings. Until the construction project is complete, the Northeast area church will continue to meet at HCS on Sundays.

On May 3, much of this information was shared by Bill Neal in the Sunday worship gathering. Listen to the audio recording and view the slides from that announcement.