Area Churches

The Good News of God for the world is that in and through the person of Jesus Christ, God is transforming the entire world. Common Ground is joining with God in that restoration project. This Good News is for all people and it is best understood and embraced in the context of relationships with others. Our church is organized so that relationships can be formed around this Good News. We want to understand this Good News, begin to embrace the reality of it in our own lives, and share it with others.

We are a network of area churches in the Indianapolis area who each have a dedicated area church pastor and leadership team. Each area church carries out the primary activities of formation and local mission as close, relationally and geographically, to the people as possible. Our area churches are strategically small in order to facilitate this relational priority and each area church has vision to start new churches in their geographies.

The Common Ground network shares a common mission and values and lives them out with the assistance of a shared resource center.


4550 N. Illinois Street
Indianapolis, IN 46208


Office Hours: Monday-Thursday, 8:30 am-4:30 pm
Sunday Gatherings: 9 am & 11 am


Deer Run Elementary School
5401 N High School Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46254


Sunday Gatherings: 10 am


7440 Hague Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46256


Sunday Gatherings: 10 am