Northeast Sermon Series - Faith and Race: Demonstrating the Heart of God

    You're invited to join us at Common Ground Northeast for a seven-week sermon series entitled Faith and Race: Demonstrating the Heart of God. The series runs April 23-June 11 and will include guest speakers.

    God’s heart is and has always been for every tribe, tongue and nation under heaven to worship Him. He longs for all people to know Him and to be a part of His family. The church is the people God has chosen in Christ to display the multifaceted wisdom of God to the world. And yet, our witness does not match the heart of God. Why is that? What are the barriers that prevent the church from displaying the full manifold wisdom of God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Is this a political problem? Is it a cultural problem? Or, is this a discipleship problem? In other words, if God’s heart is for all people to be reconciled to Himself and to one another, why is it that the church is the most segregated hour on Sunday morning? 

    We do not believe that it is acceptable to allow these questions to go unanswered and for this separation to continue as the norm. We also realize that the road ahead of us is long and filled with plenty of opportunity for pain and discouragement. And yet, Jesus invites us to come with Him as He displays His heart of reconciliation through us, His people.

    Join us for a seven-week exploration of race, faith and how to demonstrate the mission of God’s Kingdom, “On Earth, as it is in Heaven.” We have compiled a list of resources to help you navigate through these conversations and learn more on this subject.

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