Our Practices

Our practices are not rules but rhythms of life that in some ways imitate the life and rhythm of Jesus. Jesus told us to learn from His way because it led to the Father. We can understand these practices in two categories. The inward practices and the outward practices.



God is worthy of our undivided affection. Worship is the recognition that God is, that He was, and that He always will be. To set our hearts and minds on God and to allow our daily lives to be lived out of that affection is worship. Worship happens when God's people gather to sing and it includes how we use our money, how we approach our work, our dating relationships, marriage, schooling, etc.


The prayer of God's people is the ministry of the church. Through prayer our hearts are molded and bent to the will of God and through prayer we have been given the opportunity to join with God in His mission to save the world. Any activity that we engage in must be a result of prayer.


The Bible is of the revelation of God to His people, spoken through men as they were guided by the Holy Spirit. It is God's revelation about His mission and the practical implications of what it means to pledge our allegiance to Jesus and His kingdom. We teach, study and apply the Bible in our lives as the substance of our faith.


The Holy Spirit is God’s gift to the church to lead us into truth and empower us for witness. We practice discerning His voice for daily living, trusting Him as our Counselor, submitting to His transforming work in our lives, and ministering in His supernatural power.  



Jesus came to announce that the kingdom of God is at hand and that salvation is available to everyone in His name. As followers of Jesus, we are His witnesses to the kingdom of God among us. To witness is to bear testimony to the power of the name of Jesus to redeem. Witness takes place through authentic relationships and involves a deep care for the people who we meet who have not heard or seen the content of salvation.


Jesus' life was expressed through a spirit of compassion. He recognized the root cause of mankind's pain as sin, but He did not disregard the pain of sickness and poverty and prejudice that this sin caused. Jesus met physical needs as a tangible declaration that true salvation affects the body, the mind and the soul. We are a people who want to carry the message of salvation with the same spirit of compassion.


Jesus established a context, the church, through which individuals could unite themselves with others who desire to follow Him. He provided us the gift of the Holy Spirit who guides us in all truth and binds us together in one community. We believe that the church is the place where we express our lives of following Jesus and that none of us are capable of following Jesus alone. Our church gathers for corporate worship celebration and teaching on Sundays and lives out the values of the kingdom throughout the week in House Churches.


God is generous. As followers of Jesus, we proclaim Him as both Savior and Lord. His Lordship affects all that we are and all that we have. God owns our time, skills, gifts, and money and they are to be used in a way that is consistent with His will. Giving to the local church is part of our acknowledging that God is in control. Beyond that, all of our resources should be made available to the mission of the Kingdom of God.