Care & Development of Women

Providing care and development structures for women is a new initiative introduced this year in CG Midtown's 3x3x3 Vision for 2018, and we’d like to provide an update on steps taken so far in support of this initiative — and what you can look forward to next!


Steps So Far

Care & Development of Women Survey
To better understand the spiritual needs of women at CG Midtown survey was created and completed by nearly 50 respondents last month. The survey results were summarized and reviewed by CG Midtown staff, and shared with nearly 40 women who attended the Care & Development of Women Conversation on March 3.

Care & Development of Women Conversation Event
In March 2018, nearly 40 women met at CG Midtown to review, discuss, and expand on the survey delivered earlier in the year. Guided by women of Common Ground, the conversation event sought to dig deeper into what it looks like to create meaningful opportunities for women to pursue fully their calling in ministry and kingdom purposes.

Among other topics, event attendees were discussed four major questions:

  1. Do you agree with the statement, “Women can’t lead at Common Ground”? 

  2. What would it look like for you to use your giftings at Common Ground, and how do you think people would perceive you if you stepped into those gifts?

  3. What does it look like for you to be in deep, meaningful relationship with Christian women?

  4. How do the survey responses regarding biblical knowledge and deepening relationship with God resonate with you?

Extensive notes were taken from these conversations and will be used to direct next steps for these conversations, and to build even greater resources for Midtown women to lean in to leadership roles at Common Ground.


Next Steps

On Saturday, April 28, from 8:30 - 10am, a second event will be hosted at CG Midtown to discuss a proposed urgent pastoral care plan for women, and to brainstorm opportunities for community and development — including an ongoing schedule.

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