Children’s ministry teachers play an essential role in creating a safe, fun and loving environment, which enables the carrying out of our vision and values.

What are Our Children’s Ministry’s Vision and Values?

We value children as uniquely gifted individuals who are integral members in Christ’s body. Our guiding vision for children is to include them in the life and work of the church so they can encounter Jesus.

One way to accomplish this vision is by providing children's ministry on Sunday for children from newborn-5th grade. As a whole, every activity and lesson is designed to foster a deep understanding of a few simple points:

  • They belong to God and His community
  • They are invited to grow to be more like Jesus
  • They can respond to the Holy Spirit’s leadings to serve others

What is Expected of Our Teachers?

We place a high value on giving our teachers the training they need be prepared to minister to our children and to get the most enjoyment out of teaching. We have also found that the more time the teacher spends in the classroom consistently, the higher satisfaction the teacher and children have in the classroom. In order for our teachers to be the best they can be, we ask that they commit to the following:

  • A professed commitment to Jesus
  • Teaching for a minimum of one quarter per year
  • Attending annual teacher’s training
  • Participating in a shadowing process in the classroom before teaching
  • Attending classroom-specific training before your teaching quarter
  • Encouraging and praying for members of your team and the children in your class
  • Knowing the lesson and being prepared for your assigned Sundays

What Common Ground Provides:

  • Clarity regarding our philosophy of children’s ministry, including the what, why and how of our approach
  • Practical training and equipping
  • The curriculum, materials and supplies
  • Encouragement and prayer

I am Interested…What’s Next?

Please complete our children’s ministry application and contact Carol, our children’s ministry director. Carol will arrange a time to discuss your interest, our current volunteer needs, and opportunities for you to engage.