vision 2019

In his 2019 Vision Talk, lead pastor Jeff Krajewski laid out the theme for the new year: Finding common ground. Over time, barriers have been built up, both consciously and unconsciously, that keep people from discovering all that Jesus has in store for them. This year's work will focus on breaking down those barriers — in ourselves, among one another, and within our church.


2019 Vision Events

Our call this year is to become, belong, and be brave. Our first series of 2019, walking through Galatians, will start us off by asking some hard questions, but there's much, much more to take advantage of as we find common ground together.

Prayer Ministry T&E
Saturday, March 2 • 9am-12pm

Throughout the Gospels Jesus brings healing and wholeness to people’s lives. As his followers, we are called to minister in the same way, though the power of the Holy Spirit. This class will be a practical introduction to prayer ministry that focuses on spiritual, physical and emotional healing.


Distributed Potluck • April 13, 2019

It’s amazing what can happen around a meal shared together. On Saturday, April 13, beginning at 5pm, Midtowners will gather in homes across Indianapolis to share a meal together. And it is the intended purpose for as few people around that table to know each other already — a meal with strangers.

Right now, we need people to join in as hosts for this inaugural event! Sign up to host by visiting cgroundorg/midtown-potluck and completing the form. You’ll then be in the loop as details are finalized. Registration for potluck participants will open March 1, 2019.


Other Events (Registration Opening Soon)

Intro to Life Change T&E

Saturday, April 27