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lenten interviews - part 4

Bryan Alexander

Tell us your name, age, and current background (job, family, school, etc?) 
Bryan Alexander, 51, remodeling contractor, married 27 years to my amazing wife, Amy. We have five kids: four adopted, one biological, ages 17, 15, 15, 12 and 4.

When did Jesus become real to you? Tell us what led to that. 
Somewhere in my teens. I went to a church growing up that was kinda dead, but there were a handful of people who were really passionate about their faith, and some of them worked with the youth. Through time spent with these folks, and experiences at different camps and retreats, God drew me into a relationship with Him. By the time I was about 18, I knew that Jesus was real to me, and I wanted to follow Him.

How do you experience him on a day to day basis? 
I have a short quiet time in the morning when I read or listen to some sort of devotion and read scripture. I also often have random moments of prayer or worship on days when I'm working by myself.

Have you ever felt really far from God? What did you experience in that time? How did you move through it? 
Yes. I have experienced doubt and temptation during those times. I find that if I do my best to continue praying, reading scriptures, and spending time with other Christians, I will grow closer to Him again.

What is one thing (or a few things) that make you feel close to Jesus? Being in nature, worshipping through music, spending time with people who love Jesus and challenge me and encourage me in my faith. Hearing stories of Him working in people's lives.

When you have doubts, how do you stay focused on Him? 
Sometimes I can't.

But through whatever struggles and doubts I've experienced, the most important thing that helps me is the Jesus-loving people in my life who pray with me, and walk through life with me, and continue to point me back to Him.