calling at cg midtown

Understanding one's calling is to embark on a journey. It's a journey to uncover the beauty and dreams that resides in each of us that God intends the world to see. It’s also a journey to recognize that a calling from God always needs resurrection power or it simply becomes human effort. That’s the journey of discovery… a journey we’re excited to take together! 

calling board

We want Common Ground Midtown to be an incubator for mission-driven work. In the welcome area at CG Midtown, you'll find our Calling Board. It's a place to collect and share unique callings among fellow Midtowners in an effort to bring people together around common passions. If you feel you've been called to a particular topic, project, or service — whether it's here in Indianapolis or serving around the world — we encourage you to post your calling and invite others to join in.  

discovering your calling

Below you'll find links to some additional reading and self-guided exercises to help you in your journey. We trust these resources and the sermons will provide greater clarity in discovering your calling. If you have specific questions, please contact Jim Matthies.