eldership at cg midtown

the role of an elder

The elders at Common Ground Midtown shepherd the people, vision, finances and partnerships of the church. Collectively, the elders carry the responsibility and authority of the church, and steward the spiritual, relational, and financial health of the church body. They pursue God’s will for the church through a Spirit-led process of discernment and through consensus decision making.

They delegate leadership to staff and ministry teams to carry out ministry initiatives and work closely with staff and those teams to ensure unity in vision and mission. Ultimately, the eldership strives to be faithful in carrying out the mission we believe God has for our church: To call people of all ages to be formed into the image of Jesus so that we can love our neighbors in Indianapolis and around the world. 

2019 elder candidates

CG Midtown’s current elders have presented four new candidates for eldership, and are seeking feedback on them over the next several weeks:


Liz Munson

Liz has been a part of Common Ground since 2002. She and her husband Aaron have two kids, Ben and Libby. Liz has helped lead house churches and a mission group. Since 2006, she has taught kids ranging in age from the nursery to third grade in children's ministry (not all at once). Her work with Living Waters/Journey USA began in 2010; after going through the program, she led small groups for several years and then she and Aaron took over as coordinators in 2013.

Liz is passionate about helping the church adjust their posture towards the LGBTQ community. She and her husband work for Walls Down Ministry — a ministry devoted to helping the conservative church radically love and welcome LGBTQ people. Liz has seen the church ebb and flow through several different seasons and she is excited to see where the fresh and expectant energy in this season will take us.

Liz is currently the media assistant at IPS/Butler Lab 55. In her spare time, you can find Liz reading, cooking, going on adventures with her family, or grocery shopping by herself.

Alex Overhiser

Family members' names: Sonja & Larson

Occupation: Author & Food Photographer

When you started at CG: 2004

In what roles you have served/are serving at CG: Coming up on 15 years of sharing life in house church and 12 years as a house church leader.

What you are excited about for the coming season at CG: I am hopeful that an energetic outpouring of love and service would rise out of our congregation into our neighborhood in the coming year.


Jim Falk

Sandee and I began attending Common Ground in 2013. We have been in Indy for 30 years and are thrilled to be a part of this body of Christ. We share a common vision to impact our neighbors, our city and the world by sharing the gospel and building solid disciples who can disciple others. II Timothy 2:2 describes our vision for impact.

We have two children, a son, Larry. A daughter, LeAnna, her husband, Andrew, and two grandchildren. We were a part of a house church and Sandee is serving as a volunteer pastor for women. I am a counselor and have had the privilege to counsel, mentor and disciple many CG folks. Sandee and I are are representing the Navigators half time here in Indianapolis. We love and respect what God is doing at CG Midtown!

We see a bright future for impact for CG as we, as a body of Christ, invest our time and gifts in ministry together.

Tim King

My name is Tim King, and I live in Midtown with my wife, Megan, and our three children: Jonathan, Charlotte, and Elijah. I work in business development at an architecture and engineering firm Downtown.

Megan and I joined Common Ground in August 2006, shortly after getting married, and have been attending ever since. Over the years, I have served as a house church leader, been a shepherd leader, played on the worship team, been on the admin team, led financial stewardship trainings, provided pre-marriage and financial mentoring, and co-led a vision trip to Tijuana Christian Mission.

I am grateful to be part of CG Midtown and for all this church has meant to me and my family. As I look towards the future, I am excited to think about the possibilities. I am confident that God has brought us to where we are today, and I look forward expectantly to what might happen as we seek His will together.

You can read more about qualifications for eldership below. Feedback can be sent to elders-midtown@cground.org, or to elders individually.

qualifications for eldership

There are several scriptures that list the character qualifications for eldership (listed below).  Our elders aspire to live lives worthy of the calling they have received (Ephesians 4:1). Elders will be hospitable, proven, and above reproach.

Practically, much of what an elder does can be seen in who an elder is. The men and women who serve as elders at Common Ground Midtown are, first and foremost, to be shepherds of God’s people and examples to the flock.  Experience in taking care of others and demonstrating a disciplined, Spirit-led, God-filled life toward the person of Jesus Christ ensure that our elders are seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness, and not their own.


  •  Not violent or quick-tempered

  •  Not quarrelsome

  •  Not malicious talkers

  •  Encouraging others through sound doctrine

  •  Eager to serve


  • Respectable

  • Able to teach

  • Manages own household well

  • Not a recent convert

  • Good reputation with outsiders

  • Examples to the flock

above reproach

  • Faithful in marriage or in singleness

  • Temperate and self-controlled

  • Not given to drunkenness

  • Not greedy for money or a lover of money

  • Blameless

  • Upright, holy, and disciplined

leadership experience

In addition to the Biblical qualifications, we are looking for nominees who have demonstrated a commitment to the mission and vision of our church. We will consider nominees who have been a part of Common Ground for at least three years and have proven gifting and passion in some form of pastoral leadership role within the church over an extended period of time (i.e. house church, Journey USA, The Journey, youth ministry, etc.).