We live in a day and culture where the word church rarely lives up to the New Testament expression. When people hear church they often think of a place or an event. The church of the Scriptures is a committed group of people seeking to glorify Jesus and live out His instructions in Matthew 28:18-20, to be and make disciples. 

Though participating in a corporate worship gathering is both biblical and beneficial, our ability to BE the church on Sunday is limited. Instead we view the house church as the primary place where church happens. House church offers the opportunity to pursue Jesus in a more authentic and intimate community. In this community we worship God, learn from the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit, ask questions, discover and use our spiritual gifts and serve one another and the world around us. We believe that having a consistent community for encouragement, discovery, prayer and laughter is an essential aspect of our spiritual journeys. It's no coincidence that the early church met both corporately and in houses (Acts 5:42). 

For these reasons, house church is the primary relational context for us to practice community, devotion, and mission at Common Ground Midtown. 

What to expect 

House churches are usually made up of 10-20 people, including children, and meet during the week throughout the city. They're intended to bring people together of diverse backgrounds, varying ages and marital statuses to share life and spur one another on to be formed in the image of Jesus. House churches are filled with imperfect people who need God’s grace and love. Each one is unique.

How to join a house church

If you would like to join a house church, please contact our Pastor of Formission, Jim Matthies.


House Church Leaders Meetings

All CG Midtown House Church Leaders are invited to join us in our monthly equipping sessions. We see these times as essential for us to pray, cast vision and resource leaders as you serve our community.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, May 16 - Click here to register!