This Lent Devotional provides practical activities you can do during the 40 days. Our primary focus and sermon series during Lent will be on the life of Nehemiah.  Nehemiah’s story reminds us of what happens when we allow God to move us from a place of comfort to radical trust in Him; when we seek God in prayer in order to discern His calling on our lives; and when we realize we can do amazing things and overcome improbable obstacles.



Above is a daily read guide for to help you dig deeper into scripture during this season of Lent.

Every Sunday is a celebratory Psalm.

Monday-Saturday have Nehemiah and Matthew's Passion Narrative.

We will read through the book of Nehemiah 2x during the first five weeks.

Passion Week is strictly the crucifixion from Matthew, with the climax on Easter Sunday: Matthew 28.


half or full day

Sustainable Faith Indy
February 26-March 2, 2018

Why not take a half or full day silent retreat as a way to participate in this holy season? You will be given a private room and a printed guide to help provide direction for your time. Silence will be broken from noon to 1 pm during a communal lunch for all retreatants—those coming, going or staying.

The cost is $30 for a half-day retreat; $60 for a full-day retreat; lunch is included in the cost. Visit Sustainable Faith's WEBSITE to Register.