Jon and Erin Whitmer count it a privilege to serve in the ministry of Young Life, impacting the lives of teenagers with the Gospel. Jon and Erin's passion is for every kind of kid to hear the Gospel, but in particular, for the marginalized and outcast young people, who may feel 'untouchable,' 'invisible,' or 'too broken' by the world and those around them. 

Erin serves on YoungLives staff, which is our ministry to pregnant teens, teenage mothers and their kids. Erin supports the various YoungLives ministries throughout the Raceway Region, encompassing Indiana and Kentucky. Locally, Erin leads a team of adult, women volunteers who are enfleshing the Gospel through relationships with 20+ pregnant teens, teen moms and their babies around Indianapolis. Their ministry meets almost every Wednesday night in the basement of Common Ground. 

Jon serves as the Associate Regional Director for Young Life in Central Indiana. It's his privilege to serve the 25 YL staff who are leading the teams of adult volunteers who do relational ministry with teenagers in 31 high schools and middle schools throughout Central Indiana. Jon serves the various Young Life committees and staff in those communities with ongoing training, direction and support and helps YL ministry start in new communities, as well.  

Jon and Erin have two daughters, Sadie (3) and Leighton (1.5) and are expecting their third child in early March, 2017.   

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