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the haydens: don't stop praying


For more than three years, Tony Hayden has been fighting cancer. This fall he endured surgery that resulted in the removal of a sarcoma the size of a russet potato from his pelvic region. Two weeks later, Tony's wife, Meredith, gave birth to twin girls. They joined big sister Caroline, making them a family of five thankful that Tony was now cancer free.

On December 8, Tony and Meredith heard the news that the cancer was back. This time, it was in his lungs and tailbone. As a worst case scenario, Tony was given 100 days to live and a prescription of prayer.

A month into this new season, we are calling our church family to come alongside the Haydens. As we stand together, here are some ways you can engage:

  • Pray for a miracle from our Healer - that Tony would be healed. 
  • Donate directly to Tony and Meredith to lessen the financial burden now and for their family's future. Common Ground is happy to receive these checks, made payable to Meredith Hayden at 4550 N. Illinois Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208. These gifts are not tax deductible.
  • Contribute to their GoFundMe page. There is an 8% fee deducted from donations received, so write a check directly to the Haydens if you want them to receive 100% of your gift.
  • Support Mission Indy, a local organization helping to ensure that projects around the Hayden house are not left undone. The hope is that the completion of the "Honey Do" list will bring Tony peace and comfort.

Thank you for answering this important call within our church family. To learn more about the Haydens, please visit their blog or Facebook page. Have questions? Send us an email