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re|distribute 2018

RE|DISTRIBUTE is Common Ground’s annual Advent tradition of following in the footsteps of Jesus to join in the restoration of the world through sacrificial love. Each year, as a church body and in a spirit of sacrifice, we join in this restoration by REDISTRIBUTING our resources to those most deeply in need.

This year, as we celebrate Advent, we are reminded that we are a people in need of a Savior. In the fullness of God’s perfect timing, He came to us as a newborn in Bethlehem.

While we often sentimentalize this story, the reality is that our Savior was born into a hostile environment. His father and mother fled to a foreign land in order to escape government-sanctioned murder.

Before we meet Jesus in his ministry as an adult, his life began as a REFUGEE.

In light of this image of Jesus ON THE RUN, please consider giving generously to an organization that welcomes, protects and cares for refugees.

While you are welcome to give to an organization of your choosing, we’ve provided three local options, as well as one global charity, in the sections below.


Migros Aid Indy

“With compassion as our guide, our goal is to mobilize the church to aid the immigrant and refugee community and create means for them to thrive and flourish.”

Migros Aid is working to serve the 130,000 immigrants in the city of Indianapolis and IPS. They work to train and connect life coaches with families on a weekly basis. They host a weekly outreach called English Club, they provide a free meal and teach English. They also provide weekly tutoring called Homework Club.

Your REDISTRIBUTE gift will help Migros Aid purchase a van to transport people to and from these necessary opportunities.


Exodus Refugee Immigration

Exodus Refugee Immigration is dedicated to the protection of human rights by serving the resettlement needs of refugees and other displaced people fleeing persecution, injustice, and war by welcoming them to Indiana.

Exodus has a long history of welcoming refugees and asylees from many countries, cultures, languages, faiths, and political opinions. In the past year, they welcomed 501 refugees from Burma, Democratic Republic of Congo, Syria, Central African Republic, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Eritrea, Iraq, Somalia, and El Salvador.

Exodus welcomes refugees to Indiana and assists with having their basic needs met during the core resettlement period and beyond, combined with a full array of social and medical services, English language training, cultural orientation, and employment services.

Exodus Refugee Immigration is currently in need of gently used or new coats of all sizes, hats, gloves, scarves, boots, new socks and blankets for our families. CG Midtown will be conducting a drive to collect these items throughout the Advent season, and will have a collection point in the Welcome Center.

Exodus also has an Amazon wish list registry for easy access to much-needed items that can be delivered directly to the organization.


Bethany Christian Services

Bethany Christian Services in Indianapolis is a community leader in adoption and family services, demonstrating the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by protecting children, empowering youth, and strengthening families through quality social services.

Bethany was recently approved as a new location for Transitional Foster Care for unaccompanied minors. To prepare for this new initiative, Bethany will need to renovate the building next door to their office to meet the codes for The Office of Refugee Resettlement and hire a teacher for the school where children can have a safe place to adjust to their new home.

Your Redistribute gift will support these and other needs associated with beginning this new effort in Indianapolis.

Gift cards to Office Depot, Target, Meijer, Amazon, and United Art and Education can also be donated to help supply the new building and school.


Youth for Christ Lebanon

Youth for Christ Lebanon has a mission “to see that every young person in every people group in Lebanon has the opportunity to make an informed decision to be a follower of Jesus Christ, be discipled, and become part of a local church.”

YFC Lebanon engages in a number of ministries to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual aid to the multitude of Syrian refugees that have flooded into Lebanon in recent years. Additionally, YFC runs a Non-Formal Education program at their Manara Youth Center for teenage refugees or at-risk youth.

YFC also provides informal classes for the refugee youth living in the tent communities in the Bekaa Valley in subjects such as Arabic, English, sewing and jewelry making, athletics, and art.

Your Redistribute gift will provide education for one of the 150 youth YFC serves. A gift of $300 will cover an entire scholarship; gifts of $150 can provide for a half-scholarship.


ways to re|distribute

  1. Find links to donate (or redistribute) to the four organizations above.

  2. Find a donation envelope at the Welcome Center. You can write a check and make it payable to Common Ground Midtown and simply designate the organization of your choosing on the envelope. Drop your sealed envelope in the tithe box in the foyer.

    Gift cards for Bethany Christian Services may also be placed in the tithe box.