Event & Wedding Requests

CG Midtown is delighted to host events throughout the year as a way to engage both our attendees and the greater Indianapolis community. Please choose from one of the options below for an event, wedding, or funeral to be held at Common Ground Midtown.

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Event & Facility Use Requests

CG Midtown’s common spaces, Sanctuary, and meeting rooms are available for events hosted by those with a connection to CG Midtown — either as an attendee or in relationship or fellowship with an attendee. Please click here to read our Facility Use Guidelines, and use the button below to complete a use request form. You can contact office@cground.org with any questions.


Weddings at CG Midtown

Both Midtown attendees and Christ-followers from the Indianapolis community are welcome to be married at CG Midtown. Before submitting a wedding application, please read our wedding handbook and contact office@cground.org with any questions. A fee is required for any wedding held at Midtown, or for any Midtown pastor to provide premarital counsel.



For funeral requests, please contact lead pastor Jeff Krajewski at jeff@cground.org, or call (317) 251-1494 for the church office.