Common Ground Northeast is located at 7440 Hague Rd, Indianapolis. We are located on the SW corner of Hague Rd and 75 St near Lawrence North Highschool. We gather every Sunday at 10 am.  



We gather each week to worship God as one community through singing, through communion, through fellowship and through hearing God’s word. Our atmosphere is fairly casual and open.



Common Ground believes children are uniquely gifted and integral members within the body of Christ. Children, infant through the 5th grade, are welcome to participate in a classroom with a dedicated kids curriculum.  Feel free to register your child at the Connection Center in the lobby to join CG Kids.



CG House Churches are intended to be a “family on mission”. 10-20 people meet weekly in homes throughout our city. We bring a diverse group of people - all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds - to join as a community for the purpose of spurring one another on as we live out our 3 Pillars of Engagement: Devotion, Community, and Mission.



We believe everything is a gift from the Lord, because He owns the earth and everything in it. As people who have been entrusted to steward these gifts well, one way we worship is by giving cheerfully. We give as a Church, hopefully generously, consistently, and sacrificially!