Vanessa Wilkins teaches on the factors that marginalize children in our community, what Jesus says about them, and what we can do to help. Intro and communion meditation by Erik Thien.

Jeff K. preaches on two of the Church’s main symbols - communion and baptism - and how we often misunderstand what our role might be in the parables of Jesus.

Elder Anthony Dumas preaches on the intentionality of living for the kingdom and the necessary sacrifices we take to make it happen.

Larry Medcalfe preaches on the importance of sitting at the feet of Jesus to keep Him as our focus in all that we do.

Larry Mitchell finishes his two-part sermon by discussing the mission of the church contrasted with the mission of self.

In part one of a two-week sermon, guest speaker Larry Mitchell talks about the role of the church in the world, what we focus on, and how we can get distracted from what's most important.

In his third week as guest speaker, Phil Stout teaches on the nuances of being a physical and spiritual member of the body of Christ.

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Guest speaker Phil Stout teaches on the dangers of “Easy-Believism” and the stubborn nature of Jacob that shows us how we wrestle with God throughout our lives. Introduction by Darlene Washington.

Josh Riddick teaches on the book of Philemon, how that letter from Paul would have impacted a community, and how knowing each other's stories enables us to love well. "I Am" poems are written and read by Anthony Dumas, Dwayne Williams, Austin Yoder, Clarissa Morley, and Flor Skidmore.

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Jeff Krajewski walks the congregation through the purpose and description of becoming a people of reconciliation.

Included in the presentation, but not read aloud, is the following quote from Martin Luther King, Jr.:
“So often the contemporary church is a weak, ineffectual voice with an uncertain sound. So often it is an arch defender of the status quo.”

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As we open the door to 2018, Josh Riddick gives some inspiration to make it a special year - a year of Jubilee - by looking at the Law, the Prophets, and Jesus.

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NE Sermons

A collection of sermons that fall outside our otherwise scheduled series.

  • 1.
    Hands of Hope: International Orphan Sunday
  • 2.
    Repent and Remember: The Salvation Rhythms of the Church
  • 3.
    The Kingdom-Driven Lifestyle
  • 4.
    The Main Thing
  • 5.
    ...or are you going to be just another church? (week 2)
  • 6.
    Are You Going To Be the Church... (week 1)
  • 7.
    The Body of Christ
  • 8.
    Filled with the Spirit
  • 9.
    Wrestling with God
  • 10.
    A Letter From Paul
  • 11.
    A Community Committed to Reconciliation
  • 12.
    The Year of Jubilee
  • 13.
    Don't Waste Your Crisis
  • 14.
    The Sacrificial Love of Jesus
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