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All Worthy of Love: Vision Sunday

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This Week: We are highlighting our partner ministry All Worthy of Love who is a justice focused non-profit that reaches out to men and women enslaved by street-prostitution.  Serena Acker, an elder at Common Ground Northeast, has been working with this organization and regularly volunteers to serve and reach out as a minister of reconciliation.


All Worthy of Love states, “We work in a three stranded cord; prevention, rescue, and restoration. We prevent sex trafficking through awareness. We rescue victims of trafficking through weekly outreach. We restore victims of trafficking through partnerships with local organizations that offer safe housing and restorative care. We believe all are worthy of love.“

You don’t want to miss this weekend! Please be in prayerful consideration as to how you might want to engage and support this very powerful ministry.

Scripture: Matt. 9:25-26

Listen: Stand In Your Love


  1. What is the Holy Spirit stirring up in you as you consider those who are involved sex trafficking?

  2. Check out these quick resources on the AWOL website. Is there something here that shocks you? Are there any stereotypes or assumptions you need to confront about those involved in trafficking?

  3. How is God asking you to respond to the message of All Worthy of Love?

  4. How can you or your House Church get involved?