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AWAKE Resources Pt. 2: Considering Perspectives (2-17-19)

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THIS WEEK: The battle for racial equity has been a hot topic in the culture dominating social media, news outlets, and conversations in America. In the midst of the tension, the church has often been silent, moderate, and complicit as marginalized people groups are under-resourced, forgotten, and mistreated. Additionally, the white church can (and usually does) avoid the topic of the Gospel and Race but this must change.

In many ways, throughout history, the church has been closed to hearing different perspectives. In some ways this is good because it helps to affirm messages and ideologies we uphold as “truth.” However, there is a negative side effect as well. We are unable to grow if we unable to be open to listening. The evangelical sub-culture can accidentally create an echo chamber that affirms specific cultural values instead of Gospel values. There are a variety of perspectives that we need to consider, while maintaining a strong sense of discernment, if we want to grow. How can we be open but also discerning?

SCRIPTURE: Mark 7:27-30; Matt. 15:21-28


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  1. How homogenous is your world? Do you mainly hang out with people who look like you?

    • Mentors who look like you?

    • Books written by people who look like you?

    • Teachers/Theologians who look like you?

    • Churches who look like you?

  2. Do you see this as a good? Bad? Indifferent? Why or why not?

  3. How does this affect your overall comprehension of people, culture, faith, and even politics?

  4. What are ways you can diversify your influences? Books you read? People you talk to? Etc?

  5. How is God telling you respond to the sermon/study? Ask your House Church or Transformation Group to keep you accountable to following through.

* Sermon Sources taken from White Awake by Daniel Hill