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AWAKE Resources Pt. 3: Imago Dei (2-24-19)

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THIS WEEK: The battle for racial equity has been a hot topic in the culture dominating social media, news outlets, and conversations in America. In the midst of the tension, the church has often been silent, moderate, and complicit as marginalized people groups are under-resourced, forgotten, and mistreated. Additionally, the white church can (and usually does) avoid the topic of the Gospel and Race but this must change.

All people are made in the image of God and carry the dignity, imprint, and beauty of God. History shows us a story wherein the Imago Dei (the image of God) is not always ascribed to all people, especially people of color in America. The ministry of reconciliation requires us to restore the value, dignity, and worth to every single human on earth. How do we move forward from here?

SCRIPTURE: John 4:9; John 4:17-24; John 4:39-41



  1. Where are you at in the journey of Racial Reconciliation? What stage are you in according to Daniel Hill’s 7 Stages of Cultural Identity Development? You can also use the Reconciliation Continuum of Christian Institutions by Peter Cha.

  2. When have you seen racism, micro-aggressions, and jokes made at the expense of a persons ethnicity, etc? Did you act? Why or why not?

  3. Rather than just seeking diversity, we should be dismantling “white supremacy“ in our congregations. How can you participate in this? How can you learn more about “white supremacy?“

  4. What is the next step in your journey toward Racial Reconciliation?

    1. Continue to become educated about “white supremacy“ and Racial Reconciliation.

    2. Get proximate to suffering.

    3. Explore ways to spread the word (through private networks, social networks, and educating others).

    4. Place yourself under the leadership of people of color. Listen, learn, and lean in.

    5. Commit to strong, persistent, and determined action.

  5. What can I do now?

    1. Become more theologically awake.

    2. Refusing to become defensive.

    3. Refusing to be complicit by allowing “white supremacy.“

    4. Actively dismantling “White Supremacy.”

    5. Recognizing White Privilege Faster.

    6. Refusing to leverage White Privilege.

    7. Living in a state of Hopeful Lament.

* Sermon Sources taken from White Awake by Daniel Hill