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Esther Ch. 1-2 - A Tale of Two Queens


WEEKLY: Those in the Jewish faith say, “next to the Torah, Esther is the greatest story ever told.“ There is good reason because it tells the movement of God’s hand in the circumstances of one of the Jewish peoples’ darkest moments. Just as a deviant Persian King finds favor in a bold young Jewish woman named Hadassah (Esther), God sets the stage for one of the most magnificent rescues in history.

READ: Esther chapters 1-2


  1. If you are walking through a difficult season right now (or have in the pas), have you felt the freedom to engage in it properly (mourn, grieve, be angry, or lament)?

  2. Have you walked through a season where you believed God was silent and found out that He was present the whole time? Tell someone about it this week.

  3. How have you seen God moving in your life before you were even aware of it?

  4. How have you been a part of someone else’s story of redemption?

  5. How can you keep trust in God the next time you go through a difficult time in your life?