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Esther Ch. 7-8 - Moments of Justice


WEEKLY: This week, we encounter a few moments in which we have been anxiously waiting in suspense. Esther boldly and courageously confronts King Xerxes regarding the edict again the Jewish people while exposing the evil plan of Haman. We see the reaction and downfall of the story’s most disliked villain with ironic circumstances. Like our own sin, there are some residual consequences from Haman’s actions that ultimately ends with God’s perfect justice.

READ: Esther Chapters 7-8


  1. Esther is brave and bold in these chapters. Is there a moment where you’ve had faith to step out bravely and boldly? Have you had the courage to ask God for something really big that you thought wasn’t possible?

  2. We all have sin. Have you ever kept your sin a secret from someone or a group of people only to have it exposed later? How did you react when you sin came to light?

  3. In our world, we witness and/or experience injustices. Sometimes these injustices are solved to our humanly satisfaction and other times we don’t see justice play out the way we desire or not at all. What injustices have you struggled with? How have you seen God work in these circumstances?