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Esther Ch. 9-10 - Falling Lots


WEEKLY: We finish the story of Esther this weekend. While justice has been served to the antagonist Haman, we remember the edict he had put in place has not changed. The Jewish people are still in danger and must find a way to counteract the pending calamite. Esther and Mordecai work together to find a solution and a commemoration and celebration is established so the Jews never forget what God has done.

READ: Esther Chapters 9-10


  1. How did Esther and Mordecai help the Jews to counter the edict? What is different about the Jews than their enemies or Haman?

  2. Does the story seem to have a “poetic justice” or do you feel the narrative is unbalanced? What makes it balanced or imbalanced?

  3. Has God proven Himself as a sustainer, defender, provider or something else to you or someone in your family? What was it? Tell your group the story and give praise to God for His sovereignty.

  4. What have you done to make sure you don’t forget the amazing things God has done for you? What “Rock of Remembrance“ have you set in place so that you do not forget? Do you celebrate, remember, or acknowledge the deed of God regularly?