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Holy Week: Easter Sunday


WEEKLY: As we look to the resurrection to celebrate the victory of Jesus over the death, we also see a way of life that reflects the resurrection story. Jesus calls us out of darkness but He also calls us INTO a new Kingdom that requires us to deny our old selves, to put the old to death and become something new...something resurrected! It’s a continual J-curve of death, burial, and resurrection that recreates us over and over again into the image of Christ. We can choose to follow Jesus’ example or we can strive for that which ultimately leads to death.

READ: Luke 24:1-12; Romans 6:1-7


  1. What about the Resurrection story has become so familiar to you that it no longer creates wonder your heart? What about it still cultivates wonder?

  2. What does the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesu imply in regards to salvation? How does it serve as a living example for followers today?

  3. What does it look like to live according to Jesus’ “J-Curve” of death, burial, and resurrection as a follower of Christ?

  4. What cross is Jesus asking you bear? What death is Jesus asking you to participate in your life today? Can you see through the cross/death at the resurrection on the other side?