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Finding Your Way Back 2: Getting Help


This Week: Our universal longing for love, purpose, and meaning in life can only be fulfilled inside a relationship with God. Regardless of where we are on our journey, we can find our way back to God and awaken to living a life that matters!

When we admit we are powerless to fulfill our longings on our own, we’ll discover there’s help and that help has a name. His name is Jesus. Are we willing to lay it all down and accept that we need help sometimes or will we let pride make decisions for us?

Worship: Letting Go

Read: Luke 15:11-31

Video: Derek Redmond's Emotional Olympic Story


  1. When was a time when you were desperately in need of help? Describe it.

  2. What was so profound about the son’s decision to return? Why was it difficult to return?

  3. What was so profound about the father’s response? What was at risk? Why was it worth it?

  4. What is God’s response to those who return back to Him?

  5. Are you in a place where you want to return home but feel that you can’t? What barriers are causing you to feel this way?

  6. If you are already “home“ pray for someone else that needs to return?