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Mental Health & the Gospel Pt. 2

Mental Health and The Gospel Indianapolis Church

WEEKLY: Cases of anxiety and depression are rising in the U.S. Most of us have encountered it personally or through someone we know. What does Jesus offer to those of us who suffer this side of eternity with issues of mental health?

Additionally, mental health can be a difficult topic for the Christians to deal with, but we have often stepped into territory that is not our expertise. It would be a huge disservice to leave Jesus out of the equation. He is called the Great Physician and our Wonderful Counselor!

How do we engage such a sensitive topic from a spiritual/biblical angle without doing damage along the way?

Join us as we take two Sundays to talk about this from two perspectives - clinical and spiritual. If you struggle with anxiety or depression, you are not alone, and the scriptures are not silent. We hope to see you over the next couple weeks as we tackle this difficult topic!

READ: Psalm 88

LISTEN: This week’s worship set!


  1. What experiences or observations do you have about Christians engaging in issues of Mental Health? Has it been helpful or hurtful?

  2. Does following Jesus mean you cannot consult a counselor, doctor, or therapist? Does consulting a therapist mean you don’t need to bring Jesus into the picture? Why or why not?

  3. Have you consider the spiritual implications of the the enemies voice during your struggle through the flesh, the world, and the enemy? This article gives more information on the idea and how to battle it.

  4. If you currently struggle with depression or anxiety, please contact one of the staff members for guidance. We want to make every resource (clinical and spiritual) available to you as you seek wholeness, healing, and shalom in your mind, soul, heart, and spirit!