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Join the MVMNT: Judea + Sumaria


WEEKLY: The author of both the Books of Luke and Acts is Luke, an observant, educated, historically-oriented figure and writer.

The book of Luke was given as a detailed account of the life and Gospel of Jesus to fortify the faith of the Believers. Acts is the sequel. We get the first hand account of how Jesus’ Life, Death and Resurrection went VIRAL, eventually spreading throughout the whole globe.

This fall we are going to look at a few of the tools and key elements that sparked this wildfire to see how we can continue that MVMNT here, today.

READ: Acts Chapters 6:8-9:31


  1. What were the main ingredients that caused the Church to expand from Jerusalem to Judea and Samaria? What are some of the implications of these ingredients as we seek to carry out mission work today? How might they affect our strategic planning?

  2. How can we identify where God is working and respond accordingly? Are any of our cultural prejudices getting in the way of identifying God’s work?

  3. Do you think God will spontaneously expand His Church today in a similar way?

  4. How might you, as an individual, participate in the expansion of the Church, when and if it occurs? or in the expansion of the Church?

** While we may not agree with everything the authors/speakers say in our resources, diversity in perspectives is beneficial to growth, and we encourage an open and Spirit discerning posture while studying the Scripture and while reviewing any resource. **