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Join the MVMNT: Cyprus + Lystra


WEEKLY: The author of both the Books of Luke and Acts is Luke, an observant, educated, historically-oriented figure and writer.

The book of Luke was given as a detailed account of the life and Gospel of Jesus to fortify the faith of the Believers. Acts is the sequel. We get the first hand account of how Jesus’ Life, Death and Resurrection went VIRAL, eventually spreading throughout the whole globe.

This fall we are going to look at a few of the tools and key elements that sparked this wildfire to see how we can continue that MVMNT here, today.

READ: Acts Chapters 12:25 - 16:5


  1. Can you see a basic pattern beginning to emerge in Paul’s missionary activity? What are the core elements? In what sense might it be considered a cycle?

  2. Does Paul appear to be following a strategy as he goes about his mission work? How can you hold the idea of mission strategy in tension with the idea of the spontaneous expansion of the Church under the direction of the Spirit?

  3. How would you describe Paul’s core tasks of mission work? Do these tasks necessitate following the core elements of Paul’s model?

  4. Are those core tasks intended for the Church to follow today? Is mission work a matter of establishing churches and seeing them multiply?

** While we may not agree with everything the authors/speakers say in our resources, diversity in perspectives is beneficial to growth, and we encourage an open and Spirit discerning posture while studying the Scripture and while reviewing any resource. **