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United In Christ: Jesus' Prayer

Unity as a Body of Believers of Christpng

WEEKLY: There are so many divisions in the midst of our culture today: denominations, ideologies, politics, preferences, doctrines, gifting, values, and the list goes on… Our natural tendency is to group up together with those who already agree with us. It is no wonder Jesus calls His followers to radical unity and places a weight of urgency on this topic. In fact, the very mission of God is at risk!

How do we place the same level of urgency Jesus places on unity without losing our distinct identity as christians?

READ: John 17


John 17 Graphic.png

LISTEN: This week’s worship set!


  1. What is the context of Jesus’ prayers in John 17? Why is this important?

  2. What are your “essentials?“ Write them out on a sheet of paper but MAKE SURE you place UNITY in the list. Where did it land in the pecking order?

  3. Have you ever prioritized UNITY in your theology? Did you prioritize it according to the importance Jesus places on it in John 17?

  4. Does this mean Jesus is calling us to “spine-less theology“ that holds no convictions? Why or why not?

  5. What is at risk if we fail to stay united?