With the vision at CGNE being centered around reconciliation, we are convicted to step into the conversations of racial equity and racial reconciliation. These conversations can be difficult, uncomfortable, and challenging. But they are necessary for us to have! So we've created a space for dialogue and learning where we can begin to unpack our stories and narratives to see how race plays an integral part in our lives. The workshops create a safe space to discover how Christ calls us to challenge racism within our own selves and the world around us. 


Gospel + Race Workshop 1: My Story

The "My Story" workshop helps participants understand the far reaching impact of racist systems and beliefs in our society. Regardless of where one grew up in America, race influenced their story. Sometimes in clear explicit ways, other times in more hidden or implicit ways. This workshop begins to highlight the impact of race on their story and invites participants to unpack messages they've received about race. 

Upcoming Dates:

  • Oct 6th


Gospel + Race Workshop 2: My Bias’

This is a follow-up to workshop I titled "My Biases". Now that we've identified some the ways we've been shaped by race we can begin the internal work of challenging or deconstructing some of those messages. This plays itself out through the awareness of "biases" or subconscious projections about a certain people group. It's important to understand our biases so we can practically live out the call to reconciliation free of blind spots about a people group. 

Upcoming Dates:

  • Oct 16th





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