The stories about Jesus reveal can reveal so much more to us if we pay attention to the backgrounds and interactions of the people within them. Josh Riddick's sermon this week helps us to see the value of hearing the stories and experiences of those we don't always pay attention to - in Scripture and in our daily lives.

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Guest speaker Jeff Reichanadter (from CG Midtown) opens up the parable of the mustard seed by revealing the weight of waiting. The last segment of the sermon was not recorded due to a technical error, but we have included the poem read at the end of the sermon below.

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What to Remember when Waking

David Whyte

In that first

Hardly noticed

Moment in which you wake,

Coming back

To this life

From the other

More secret,


And frighteningly



Where everything


There is a small


Into the new day

Which closes

the moment

You begin

Your plans.


What you can plan

Is too small

For you to live.


What you can live


Will make plans


For the vitality

Hidden in your sleep.

You are not a troubled guest

On this earth

You are not

An accident

Amidst other accidents

You were invited

From another and greater


Than the one

From which

You have just emerged.


Now, looking through

The slanting light

Of the morning

Window toward

The mountain


Of everything

That can be,

What urgency

Calls you …

What shape

Waits in the seed

Of you to grow

And spread

Its branches

Against a future sky?


- David Whyte

Jeff K. leads us in the second parable of Matthew 13, a reminder of where our focus and efforts should be placed here and now.

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This week begins the exploration of the parables of Matthew 13, starting with the parable of the sower and exploring the the motivations of the farmer.

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Kingdom Stories

The parables of Jesus in Matthew 13 can easily cause us to feel unsettled, because they don't always fit into our idea of the Kingdom of God looks like. As you pay attention to these Kingdom Stories, allow your notions about the Kingdom of God to be challenged and shaped by the words of Jesus.

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    Fed from the Margins
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    Good Things Come in Small Packages
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    Wheat & Weeds
  • 4.
    A Diligent Farmer
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