We are not giving to a Church, but as a church. Giving should be a priority for us who have received all we have from our great God.

We believe everything is a gift from the Lord because He owns the earth and everything in it.

As people who have been entrusted to steward these gifts well, we want to be cheerful givers marked by generosity, consistency, and sacrifice, as a part of our worship! 

Below, we have provided for you our most recent financial information so that you can see how the church allocates funds that are given.

In addition, we invite you to join with us in fulfilling our mission through giving online using the link below or using the offering box on Sundays. If you give online, please notice that you will need to specify which location you are donating to. 

Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel!

If you have questions about giving, please email elder Charlie Meyer (charlie@cgnortheast.org).