Prayers from the Scriptures

  • The book of Psalms. Learn more about praying through the Psalms with Eugene Peterson’s book Answering God.

  • Pray As You Go podcast. A short daily podcast for your commute, praying through the Scriptures each day.

Short books/quick reads

In-depth studies on prayer

  • Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home by Richard Foster. A great resource to learn the “tools” or methods of prayer. Short chapters with profound insights.

  • Hearing God by Dallas Willard. A comprehensive study on the practice of hearing God’s voice in our lives. Highly recommended for those looking for practical training in hearing the Spirit’s “still, small” voice.

  • Prayer: Communing With God in Everything and The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer. Reflections from one of the most renowned pastors of the 20th century. Tozer’s words from the church of the mid-2-th century are eerily prophetic for Christians today.

  • A Treasury of Prayer by E.M. Bounds. One of the most compelling inspirations for why we should dedicate ourselves to prayer.

  • Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy With God by Timothy Keller. Thoughts from one of the Church’s leading voices on how to make prayer more meaningful, personal, and powerful in our lives.

Cymbala - Fresh Wind Fire.jpg

Prayer biographies and movements

  • Fresh Wind Fresh Fire by Jim Cymbala. The story of Brooklyn Tabernacle’s humble beginnings and God’s movement as the church dedicated themselves to prayer.

  • Red Moon Rising by Pete Craig. The story of the 24/7 prayer movement in England and how God moved in response to the prayers of many young people who decided to pray round-the-clock.

Prayer books/collections

Resources for children and families