Redistribute started as an annual tradition in which our congregation is encouraged to engage in the restoration of the world through sacrificial giving to those in need. From Sunday, October 20th to December 31st we are asking you to consider donating to Redistribute 2019.

Give a gift to Jesus…

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Safe Families is a Mission partner that many of our families at Common Ground West currently participate. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Safe Families reach out to our Care Team.

Here is a little more about them:

Safe Families for Children hosts vulnerable children and creates extended family–like supports for desperate families through a community of devoted volunteers who are motivated by compassion to keep children safe and families intact.

Radical Hospitality
Compassion fueled by Mercy
Disruptive Generosity


Vision Nicaragua is lead by our long time friends a Ron and Marty Reed. Vision Nicaragua helps take care of the disadvantage and they need even more help now, especially after the civil disruption that happened a few year ago.

Here is a little more about them:

Vision Nicaragua has a sponsorship program in place that allows students to go to a local school and receive an education. Students are then able to move forward and get jobs outside of the sugar cane plantation. For the widows that have already lost their husbands, we have sponsorship set up to help them with the financial set-backs once their husbands have passed. And for the men that have the chronic kidney disease, we have them set-up to receive spiritual support, medical treatment, and the financial assistance needed to help them as they seek to provide for their families once they are let go from their job at the sugar cane plantation.


Our church has a strong desire to see human trafficking end in our lifetime. This is why we have partnered with Center for Global Impact. Their mission is seeking to bring the Good News of Jesus to those in the grip of poverty and bondage through education, vocational training and business development. Primarily working in Cambodia, many of those we serve are survivors of — or vulnerable to — human trafficking.


Common Ground West has the honor to be located in the heart of Pike Township, one of the most diverse areas in Indianapolis. We are pleased to partner with Migros to help aid in the refugee community right down the street from our Sunday gathering. Their mission statement is as follows: with compassion as our guide, our mission is to mobilize the church to help aid the refugee and immigrant community and create means for them to thrive and flourish!


Purchased was born out of a calling within our church, and this calling to raise awareness for human trafficking now helps hundreds of girls and women. Jess Evans, along with the help of many long time Common Ground West attenders have a heart to one day end modern day slavery.

Purchased invests in youth through educational opportunities, empowering them rise to the challenge to be allies against sexual exploitation and collaborates with organizations to provide survivor support. Purchased also facilitates events to raise awareness and educate people about modern day slavery, and inspire them to join in the abolition movement.