Worship happens not just when we “gather” but also when we are “scattered.” In fact, the majority of our worship happens not on Sunday mornings, but the other hours throughout our week. Because of this, we place a strong emphasis on spiritual formation, the personal responsibility of each person to pursue God “with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength” (Deut. 6:5, Matt. 22:37).

Our Spiritual Formation Groups are intentional communities that meet weekly with the purpose of providing opportunities for spiritual growth and maturity. See below for a listing of all of our current groups. 

  1. House Churches – a small group that meets in a home for the purpose of spiritual formation through discussion, support, accountability, and living life together. A spiritual family. These groups tend to be more inward-focused (Proverbs 27:17; Acts 5:42).
  2. Mission Groups – a group that has a specific outward focus. These groups function as the hands and feet of Jesus by serving others in our neighborhoods and communities (Hebrews 6:10).
  3. Spiritual Focus Groups – a group that has a focus on a specific aspect of spiritual formation (prayer, studying the Bible, discernment, etc.). These groups will be more focused on strengthening and maturing our relationship with God through spiritual disciplines (Ephesians 4:11-13).
  4. Hybrid Groups – a group that is a combination of a House Church, Mission Group, or Spiritual Focus Group.
  5. Summer Sessions – a series of one-time spiritual formation experiences throughout June and July. Many of our traditional Spiritual Formation Groups take a break over the summer and the summer sessions serve as an opportunity for exploration, community-building, and experiencing God in ways outside of our regular routines.






McBlenney House Church:

  • Leaders: Matt Tenney, Amy Tenney, Jacob Blanchard
  • Time: Friday and Sunday evenings (every other week)
  • Location: Walker Farms, Zionsville
  • Childcare: Paid babysitter
  • Contact for more info.

Clark House Church:

We are a group of believers that want to live life together by serving and encouraging each other where we are at currently with life.

  • Leaders: Randy Clark and Melissa Clark
  • Time: Wednesdays, contact for specific time
  • Location: Brownsburg
  • Childcare: Children spend time together in the basement




The Practice of Prayer

Description: Utilizing Richard Foster's Book about prayer, we will spend some intentional time diving deep into the many ways we can approach and pursue a deeper and more intimate prayer life individually and corporately. The hope is this will be an intentional community where spiritual formation can take place around the focus of prayer. There will be reading and homework each week.

  • Leaders: Angie Smith
  • Time of meeting: Wednesday Evenings from 6:30pm-8:00pm
  • Start and end date: August 22nd to May 2019
  • Location: TBD
  • Childcare: Open to discussion depending on participants
  • Materials: Will need a journal and will need to purchase Richard Foster's Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home

Experiencing the Bible

Description: We will be exploring the history of the Bible (authors, culture, languages, etc), different ways to approach it and how we can understand what God wants us to know through it. We will spend some time together reading the Bible as well as some assigned passages on our own during the week. And lastly we will spend some time discussing the Bible as well as our approach to every day issues based on our study of the Bible.

  • Leaders: Scott Rice, Marilyn Schulte
  • Time of meeting: Tuesdays from 7pm-8:30pm
  • Start and End date: August 7th to December 12th
  • Location: TBD
  • Childcare: No childcare or space for childcare will be provided. This group is for ages 13 and over.

The Immanuel Process: Interactive Gratitude and Thought Rhyming

Description: God is present: Here. Now. Daily. However, we often do not sense or believe He is present and experience freedom that is promised in scripture. In a desire to recognize HIS presence, foster community, enhance character, and heal from emotional wounds and trauma -- we will do weekly Bible reflections and practice “Immanuel Journaling." Our goal is to see how we can enjoy daily guidance and friendship with God, using methods grounded in scripture, spiritual disciplines, and cutting-edge neuroscience. From the work of E. James Wilder Ph.D, in the field of Neuro-Theology, we will explore "interactive gratitude" and "thought rhyming" with God, for both individual, family, & group use. Our goal will be to experience an "Immanuel lifestyle" and experiencing freedom and healing in Jesus so we can all help others experience it, too.

  • Leaders:  Joel & Joanna Vestal
  • Time of Meeting: Monday Evenings from 7 -8:30
  • Start and end date: August to December 2018
  • Location: Vestal house (contact for address)
  • Childcare:  Open to discussion depending on participants - We have bedrooms upstairs with TVs
  • Materials:  A purchase of Joyful Journey: Listening to Immanuel by E. James Wilder is not required to be in the group, but recommended.         




The Balanced Life of Jesus

Description: During his ministry Jesus spent significant time in relationship with others and God, addressing the injustices of the world, engaging with the Holy Spirit in prayer, and focusing on God’s word. During our times together we will engage in these same practices as a group. You will be expected to help facilitate 1-2 meetings, but don’t worry you will be given assistance.

  • Leaders: Brian DeaKyne
  • Time of Meeting: Thursday Evenings from 6:30pm-8:00pm
  • Start and end date: August 30th to May 2019
  • Location: DeaKyne House (contact for address)
  • Childcare: None provided but kids are welcome to quietly hang out with our kids entertaining themselves without interruption to the group

Living Faith, Community Days

Description: We want to serve the community inside and outside of the church. This group will be open to needs identified by the congregation, which might not otherwise be served by another community group. Examples: fixing gutters for a neighbor with disability; reaching out to other local churches to see if there are needs in the area; service through sharing skills and knowledge; free afternoon of childcare; doing a clean-up day at local areas, etc.)

  • Leader: Michelle Byrd
  • Leader contact info: Michelle.byrd.pro@gmail.com
  • Time of meeting: Saturdays (time will vary)
  • Start and End Date: August to December 2018
  • Location: TBD on week to week basis
  • Childcare: Open to people of all ages within the congregation. No childcare will be provided, but if safety is not an issue, children are welcomed. (It will be at the discretion of the parent, unless otherwise stated). People may join the group at any time through the fall.

Cook Group

Description: Our mission is to be a Holy Spirit focused/led group. We want to practice and go deeper in listening prayer, visions, and prophetic ministry. We also want to spend time getting to know each other and our own personal stories.

  • Leaders: Ryan Cook and Scott Morrow
  • Time: Sunday evenings from 4:00pm to 7:00pm
  • Location: Avon – rotating locations.
  • Childcare: Babysitter for children

Have a question you didn't see answered, or interesting in joining/starting a group? Contact Scott Rice



We’ve always just done “house churches” in the past. Why the new format?

While the house church model has served us well over the years, we recognize that as a church we are in a place where a house church may not be the best fit for everyone in regards to communal, spiritual formation. It is our desire to provide a variety of opportunities for spiritual formation in the hopes of meeting people where they are in life.

Over the past several years we've often had folks wanting to start something new, or to join a group that doesn't fit the traditional "house church" model. We wanted to provide more freedom and empowerment within our congregation, while at the same time retaining the strengths of the house churches. Our new approach is aimed at helping folks step into their Kingdom calling and a healthier diversity of groups, gifts, and leadership in our church.

How are these new groups different from house churches?

House churches tend to be a more general approach to spiritual formation. Mission groups and Spiritual Focus groups have a more specific focus and vision. Of course all spiritual formation groups will have things in common, but we believe having clear expectations of what each group will provide will be helpful for those looking to join a group.

Why have sessions/intentional end dates?

We believe it’s important to not only plan how a group will start and how it will function once going, but also how a group can end well. While we encourage commitment and the building of relationships of individuals within our Spiritual Formation Groups, we also recognize that it is possible for a group, left unchecked, to continue past the point of healthiness for its individuals. In addition, groups having an established end date from the very beginning will allow individuals (including leaders) to know exactly what they are committing to when they join. Having clear expectations on commitment is often less intimidating to newcomers.

When my group’s established end is reached do we have to stop meeting?

No. The session’s end is merely an intentional time for both those in the group and the leaders of the group to stop and evaluate if they are interested in continuing for another session. If individuals are interested in continuing and the leaders (or new leaders) are as well, they can start up again in the next session (with a new established ending/evaluating period).

Can I be in more than one group?

Yes. As long as you are willing and able to meet the expectations presented by the leaders, you can be in multiple groups.

Can I leave the group I attend currently in order to join another?

You are always free to stop attending any group you are a part of. However, it is our desire that you leave your group in a healthy manner. If being unhappy or frustrated is your reason for wishing to leave your current group, you are highly encouraged to seek reconciliation with your group before leaving.

If you want to join a group that has already begun, you will need to first contact the leaders of the group in order to see if the group is accepting any new members. Once groups are established they have the option of remaining “open” to new members or being “closed”.

What steps do I take if I’m interested in joining or leading a group?

Contact Scott Rice at scottr@cground.org.