Partnering with Parents

  • By encouraging parents to be the primary source for the spiritual nurture of their children
  • By learning spiritual formation insights from parents
  • By equipping parents in their God-given roles
  • By having parental involvement in the children's ministry classroom
  • By providing meaningful classroom take-home materials, family application from sermons, and Spiritual Formation Group resources

Belonging to God and His Community

  • By focusing on God's love, grace, and being made in His image
  • By creating a safe, fun, and loving environment (physically, emotionally, spiritually)
  • By including children as an integral part of the church community; using their gifts, passions, and interests to benefit the church
  • By having passionate, committed adult mentors teach and lead
  • By encouraging shepherding relationships with teachers and peers

Growing in the Image of Christ

  • By helping children encounter and embrace Jesus personally and communally
  • By considering the different learning styles and life and faith developmental stages of children; presenting truth in creative, age-appropriate ways
  • By using God-centered curriculum that emphasizes the way of Jesus
  • By teaching for formation/application and not merely information
  • By practicing spiritual disciplines in the classroom and at home

Responding to the Holy Spirit

  • By expecting God to speak during each class time
  • By making room in the classroom to personally, creatively respond to the lesson
  • By exploring the passions and talents children have; empowering them to bless the community
  • By helping children discover they are part of God's story to make things right in the world (i.e. encouraging children to pray/dream of solutions to justice issues)
  • By providing opportunities for children and their families to serve others in Indianapolis and around the world