November 19, 201712:00 pm


November 19, 2017 2:00 pm


What does it look like to live our lives missionally? How can we shift from seeing it as something that we “do” to the way we live our lives as disciples of Jesus with the people around us? How do we bear witness to Jesus in our everyday lives?

While there is a specific outline for our class, we’ll have a heavy emphasis on small group conversation and the flow week to week will vary based on the topics that come up. We all have stories, positive and negative, on this topic and we can look not only to the facilitators but to our small groups for growth and teaching.

To sign up, email Randa Smith:

  • When: November 5th, 12th, and 19th (12pm-2pm)
  • Where: Deer Run Elementary (right after church)
  • There is NO COST for the class.
  • Lunch & childcare will be provided

Week 1: Our focus will be re-framing how we view evangelism and how we can bear witness to Jesus. We’ll dig into how we can respond to Jesus’ words in Acts 1 to wait for the Spirit and be His witnesses. We’ll explore the example the disciples set of gathering, praying, waiting for the Spirit, and then responding with willing obedient action when the Spirit came.

Week 2: Our focus will be evangelizing as an extension of who we are as individuals. We’ll look at several specific styles of sharing the Good News from the New Testament while finding the strengths and weaknesses of those styles. Then we’ll explore which styles we identify with and how we can embrace those to be witnesses of Jesus.

Week 3: Our focus will be Missional Living- specifically, how we have made space and can create more space to live life with others.
We’ll talk about practical steps, sacrifices, and life style choices we can make to bear witness to Jesus in all that we do. We’ll specifically talk and pray about what the Spirit is calling us to in our lives right now.