We believe strongly in the idea of “family-based youth ministry” that celebrates and encourages the involvement of our youths’ families, parents and mentors. We have a healthy adult-to-teen ratio in our youth group, and plan age-appropriate events for our youth to engage in their own life with God. Our hope is to see teens grow in maturity, form their own convictions, and discover the longing for Jesus that God has placed within them. We see this as a vital time to help youth develop into adulthood.

We meet every other Sunday following church, noon - 2:30, at Clermont Christian Church, 9204 Crawfordsville Road, Clermont.

Our time together includes a pitch in style lunch, games, and a large group teaching followed by breaking off into small groups by age and gender. This time allows for mentors to nurture, shepherd, and connect with the youth as well as provides a safe place for youth to ask questions, hold each other accountable, and learn more about the Bible. 

If you have any questions contact Stephanie Phillips.

Family Based Youth Ministry Resources

Aside from the influential resources listed below, we are also dedicated to providing training and equipping, book studies, resources, and volunteer opportunities for our parents and guardians.

Contemplative Youth Ministry by Mark Yaconelli

Family-Based Youth Ministry by Mark DeVries

Relationships Unfiltered by Andrew Root

Sticky Faith by Dr. Kara Powell and Dr. Chap Clark