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permanent space update

Recently Todd McClure, our lead elder and head of our building search efforts, shared an update on the search process with the congregation. Here is the update on our efforts to find permanent space for Common Ground West.


Our goal is to find and buy a building, lease a building, or build a facility that can hold about 300 people for a corporate gathering. We also want to have space for our staff, youth, children, and we want to open our facility to be a blessing to the surrounding community.


We put together a team in November 2018 to begin work on this. Our team members include Todd McClure, Marty Read, Kaitlyn Bookmyer, Joe Garner, and Steve Hanscom. Many others in our church have communicated their willingness and desire to help, and we will gratefully accept that help as we go throughout this process. Our current group has been meeting about every other week, setting agendas and sorting through lots of tasks, as we hope to do a thorough job with the search.


We are casting a wide net in terms of location. We have been searching within the following borders:

  • North - 86th Street

  • South - 10th Street

  • West - Raceway

  • East - Georgetown

These are not set in stone, but we are simply using them as guidelines to hopefully give us a lot of options to choose from. When we look at each option before us, there are three categories of factors we are using to evaluate each particular opportunity:

  • How we can use the space

  • Does the location make sense?

  • Is the cost within our budget?


We’ve connected with a commercial real estate broker who has specialized in helping many churches over the years, and he has been helpful to Common Ground in the past. He has sent us a number of options, many of which have been eliminated due to location, size, and cost reasons. There are a couple he has sent that we are exploring further. Additionally, we’ve had conversations with some churches that have existing buildings or land to build on. The discussions we’re having with them are focused on how we can meet the need we have of permanent space. We will provide more updates if any of these options progress further or become a more likely fit for us.


We hope to be able to make a decision on permanent space within about 6 months. It is difficult with a decision like this to have a hard deadline, as there is so much that goes into this search process, and more than anything we want to listen to the Lord’s direction as we pursue different opportunities.


Would you please commit to praying for us? When our team meets, we spend a lot of time in prayer, and the Lord has been speaking and working on the hearts of each one of us. We are at a place where we genuinely have open hands to what God has for us, and we want to remain at this place of indifference to our own desires in order to pursue God’s will and nothing else. We have asked Him to help us place our personal preferences aside so we can truly follow His leading. We know He can bless whatever decision we make, but our deep desire is to be obedient to what He has already planned for us and to follow His call.

We will continue to give regular updates as we come closer to a decision. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask anyone on our team any questions or concerns you may have.