What if “life to the full” meant embracing both the good and the bad? What if we’re meant to embrace both joy...and suffering? And not just tolerating suffering, or recognizing that it’s there, but really embracing it, and what God wants to do in our lives through it.

"God is a God of forgiveness. And when we confess our sins to God, we step into that forgiveness. We when try and hide from or ignore our sins, it leads to death. Repentance is the path that leads to redemption..."

"We have to be willing to cash in the coupon. We have to let go of those things that bring us to mourning. As ones created with God’s gift of free will we can choose to hang on to our worst days using them as an excuse for all sorts of things. We blame our bad days for failing in relationships, struggling at work, even physical pain. We wallow in our mourning reluctant to let it go for some reason. I’ve met those for whom mourning defines their existence. They have drawers full of worthless 'coupons' cluttering up their lives hoping that if they collect enough they will become valuable. The truth is, apart from our Redeemer, the pain of this life rarely becomes valuable. We cannot by our own effort find freedom..."

"An abundant, meaningful life with God is developed by spending time alone with Him. Time spent in solitude with the Father is the place where we receive and remember our identity.

This “secret place” place is where we come to be alone with our thoughts - good, bad, and ugly - and bring it all to God just like the Psalmists did. The place where our greatest spiritual moments will happen. The place where our “enemies” of fear, shame, and anxiety are conquered. The place we get “filled up” so that our “cup is overflowing.” The place where we’re marked by the unfailing love of God. The place where over and over we remember our identity...."

"...in our spirit, and in the sacredness of every breath we take, there is a sweet communion with YHWH as we breathe in and breathe out, and as YHWH invites us to come closer, intimately close, face-to-face close, in humility to share our heartaches, our struggles, our hardships, our burdens, our insecurities, our requests, our celebrations, our praises, and our thanksgiving."

Summer in the Psalms

  • 1.
    The Psalms - A Call & Response
  • 2.
    Embracing Our Suffering
  • 3.
    Permission to Not "Resolve"
  • 4.
    Repentance Is a Good Thing
  • 5.
    From Mourning to Dancing
  • 6.
    "The Secret Place": Identity Formed in Obscurity
  • 7.
    Our Present Longing
  • 8.
    Psalm Readings
  • 9.
    Intro to the Psalms
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