Our church actually began as the young adults ministry at Traders Point Christian Church (TPCC) in 1997. By 2001, what began as a small group meeting in an upper room had become a full-fledged church filling the Sanctuary on Sunday evenings. The leadership of Common Ground and TPCC prayed for clear next steps. And that’s when God provided a free church building in the heart of Broad Ripple at Westfield and Central. An old Baptist church had decided to close down and wanted to bless a new, younger congregation with their building. That was clear enough for us.

TPCC collected a love offering for the sending of a new Common Ground Christian Church (CGCC), which enabled us to renovate the facility and get it ready for weekly services in the fall of 2001. As young adults got married and had children, the church grew and hosted 3 weekly services before moving into a larger facility, with much needed classroom space, at 46th and Illinois in 2008. Around that same time, our West congregation began meeting at Eagle Creek Elementary School near 38th and I-465. In 2013, CGCC launched its third congregation on the northeast side of Indy, which originally met at Heritage Christian High School. In 2015, we purchased a building at 75th and Hague, which was renovated and opened in time for the Christmas service in December of 2015. 

As of January 2018, CGCC now operates as a family of 3 independent churches. While God is leading each congregation in unique and exciting ways, we will remain family because of our shared values and our shared history. Our founding pastor, Jeff Krajewski, likes to say that “Common Ground is a unique ingredient in the stew of churches in Indianapolis.” We’d like to thank all of those who have called Common Ground “home” for the flavoring you each have added over the last 20 years.