adoption care + support

Adoption and foster care have been on the hearts of individuals and families at CG Midtown, and we are excited to be able to provide adoption resources, assistance, and community for our church family.


adoption + foster care grants

In 2017, a portion of funds raised during CG Midtown’s annual Redistribute effort were dedicated by the congregation to provide financial support to families seeking to adopt a child. Redistribute funds are gifts provided by Midtown congregants during the Christmas season, and go above and beyond ongoing tithes to support specific causes and organizations close to the heart of Midtowners. After careful planning and consideration, these funds are now ready to be used to help our Midtown family grow.

cg midtown + lifesong

With prayerful guidance from elders and the CG Midtown family, CG Midtown’s Vision Team has chosen Lifesong as the facilitator of the church’s adoption support fund. Lifesong has partnered with more than 400 churches to help steward dedicated resources for those seeking to adopt, and can provide guidance and resources beyond the capacity of CG Midtown staff.


Grants + Interest-Free Loans for Adoption

Adoption can be frighteningly expensive. With application fees, a home study, expenses to help care for the birth mother, and so much more, costs can be overwhelming and can simply keep people from even considering adoption.

CG Midtown can now offer matching grants or interest-free loans to Midtown attendees who are considering adoption. Applications are reviewed by our partners at Lifesong, who will also administer decisions regarding funding.

You can find the application here, or scroll down for an FAQ about adoption grants.


Grants for Post-Adoption

If you have recently completed an adoption, there’s financial assistance available for you, as well: Following a similar application process as the adoption support grant, individuals and families who have recently become adoptive parents can receive support for counseling needs.

You can find the counseling application here, or scroll down for an FAQ about post-adoption grants.


adoptive + foster families

Individuals and families who have adopted, are fostering, or are considering adoption or foster care in their lives, are invited to get to know the adoptive community at CG Midtown.

Adoptive and foster families at CG Midtown meet regularly for prayer and fellowship, and to build even stronger bonds between those family members (kids and parents alike!).

To learn more about adoptive family gatherings at CG Midtown, please contact Jim Matthies.


adoption + foster care events

Every Child Symposium • March 14, 2020 • Eastern Star Church

Join in for the fifth-annual Every Child Symposium with Hands of Hope Indiana. The Church is God's plan for caring for Indiana's vulnerable children. Join us to learn how you can step into this role because Every Child deserves love. Click here to learn more and register.


adoption awareness month + education

Each year, November is recognized as National Adoption Awareness Month. This awareness is significant around Common Ground as we have over 20 adoptive families in our congregation.

Watch this space for more information on 2019’s events!


midtown adoption support program FAQs

Where did this money come from?
Funds were originally donated by CG Midtowners during the 2017 Redistribute campaign.

Why are we partnering with Lifesong to manage the CG Midtown Adoption fund?
After much prayer and extensive discussion, the CG Midtown Vision Team, with the help of several elders and pastoral staff and with input from several CG Midtown adoptive families, determined we are not currently equipped to review and manage applications for financial assistance of this kind and on this scale.

Lifesong has the expertise to manage church adoption funds and offers this service free of charge to churches like ours; they currently manage adoption funds for 454 churches in 44 states and is a trusted leader in the field of adoption care and support. Administrative costs for managing these funds are completely covered, so 100% of CG Midtown money will support CG Midtown adoptive families.

Who is eligible to apply for assistance through the CG Midtown Adoption Fund?
Any Common Ground Midtown individual or family who is in the process of adopting is eligible to apply for financial assistance through this fund.

What if we’ve already adopted before?
Great! We’re so happy you’re adopting again! Please feel free to apply for financial assistance through the CG Midtown Adoption Fund as needed. Your CG Midtown Family is thrilled to come alongside you in this way.

When and how do I/we apply for funding?
After completion of your home study you are eligible to apply for financial assistance through Lifesong’s CG Midtown Adoption Fund. Applications are available in the Welcome Center or on the CG Midtown website at

What kind of financial assistance is available through the fund?
Financial assistance from the Lifesong’s CG Midtown Adoption Fund will be made available in the form of matching grants or interest-free loans. Based upon the information you provide in your application, Lifesong will determine the best option for you and your family. Matching grants require fundraising among your family and friends to “unlock” the matching funds, and Lifesong will provide you with resources to help you in this process.

The average matching grant/loan amount is $2,500-$3,000.

Who reviews our application? What happens next?
Trained staff from Lifesong will review all applications. A reference letter from a CG Midtown staff member is required as part of your application. (CG Midtown staff will be aware of your application, but not about the details of your financial situation or any other sensitive information contained within your application.)

You will be informed about the outcome of your application by Lifesong staff, who will help you with next steps in the process. Your CG Midtown Family is also excited to walk alongside you in the process of your adoption!

How long does the application review process take?
Plan on 4-6 weeks. Lifesong works as quickly as possible, and expedited reviews can be accommodated when necessary, but Lifesong staff are reviewing many applications and need time to prayerfully consider each one.

What types of expenses are reimbursable through a matching grant or loan?
Lifesong will walk you through all the specifics of getting reimbursed for approved expenses once approved for a matching grant or loan, but they list the following as a general rule of thumb:

Includes reasonable and necessary expenses directly related to the adoption such as court fees, home study fees, agency fees, lawyer fees, postage, airfare for two people only (usually parents) plus the adoptive child(ren) when making in-country visits or for U.S. flights for U.S. adoptions, travel expenses including lodging but excluding food.

Not Reimbursable: 
Fundraising expenses, food, convenience fees, beds, diapers, medical expenses when the child is home.

(Please note, this list is not all-inclusive.)

What if we have already adopted and need financial assistance with post-adoption counseling expenses?
Lifesong has a separate application for post adoption counseling care; it cannot be used for old adoption expenses or medical care – just for care that can be related back to counseling/cognitive/psychological – either for the adopted child or family members if adoption-related. The post-adoption counseling application is also available at the Welcome Center or online.

Where do we submit our completed application?
Applications can be sent through the mail to the Lifesong address listed on the application, emailed to or faxed to Lifesong at (309) 747-4647.

If you have further questions about the CG Midtown Adoption Fund please contact the Vision Team at or Jim Matthies at

You can also visit Lifesong’s FAQ page for more answers to frequently asked questions.