Stewardship (n):  the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care

As a church, we know that “to whom much is given, much will be expected”.  We believe there is great responsibility in carefully managing that which has been entrusted to our care including your tithes and offerings, your time and your talents.  


Q1 FY2020 FINANCIALS • (July-September 2020)

We have provided for you our most recent financial information so that you can see how the church allocates funds that are given.

We invite you to join with us in fulfilling our mission through giving online using the link below or using the offering box, located in the vestibule to the right of the restrooms, on Sundays. Thank you for your partnership in the gospel!

Below is the most recent financial information for Common Ground Midtown. If you have additional questions, or would like to see older reports, please contact director of operations Melissa Larcom at