We're called to be worshippers of God - a small piece of worship being our musical worship on Sundays. Our worship team consists of those who sing, play instruments, run the sound board, and oversee lighting and visual tech responsibilities.

We are seeking people who desire to be lead worshippers rather than worship leaders, those who will lead others into the heart of worship.  If God has gifted you with musical skills and abilities, email Dave to find out how you can be involved in the Midtown Worship Team Ministry.

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2019 Worship Meet & Greets

CG Midtown needs you to join the worship team, and applications for new worship team members are open now! Here's how it works:

1. Complete the application form found here. You'll find questions about your music or technical background, and history you have with church and leading worship. You can read our worship philosophy and expectations here, and our 2018 worship vision here.

2. Schedule a time to meet members of the current worship team for 30 minutes following a Thursday evening rehearsal or Sunday morning service. You'll receive an email to schedule this after your application has been reviewed.

3. Jam on. For musicians and vocalists, you'll choose two songs to perform as an audition at a scheduled Meet & Greet on a Wednesday evening or Sunday morning. The audition will be played with either a click track/loop or other band members, and assisted by a current worship leader. 

Audition song choices are...

What a Beautiful Name
Chord Chart (A)Chord Chart (D) | YouTube

O Come to the Altar
Chord Chart (C) | Chord Chart (D) | YouTube

It is Well
Chord Chart (A) | Chord Chart (G) | YouTube

Lion and the Lamb
Chord Chart (A) | Chord Chart (C) | YouTube

Chord Chart (D) | Chord Chart (F) | YouTube

Reckless Love
Chord Chart (E) | Chord Chart (C) | YouTube

4. Follow up with the worship director. If everything goes well and you feel comfortable joining the team, you'll be integrated into a worship rotation (typically one weekend each month) and can expand your service time from there.


If you have any questions about the worship team, CG Midtown's philosophy or 3x3x3 worship vision, or the meet and greet process, please contact Dave Burford, director of worship at CG Midtown.