2018 Midtown Vision Trips

Vision Trips for 2018 are just beginning to take shape… revisit this page for any updates. For now, here are just a few to consider. If you have a different trip in mind that you’d like to take with your family, friends or House Church, just let us know. We would love to dream along with you! To express interest in listed trips or for further application information, please contact vision-midtown@cground.org.

Why Vision Trips?

We go to join with God in what He is doing in the world and to share the love of Christ through what we say and do. Some trips will have project and outreach focuses, but always we go to love and serve, rather than fix. We desire to broaden our perspective and understanding as we engage with God and His love for people in different nations and cultures. We hope our Vision Trips have a lasting impact on the people we go to serve, and on our lives as well. In our daily routines and rhythms, we may not always have the time or opportunity to spend extended time with God and pray with a missional focus. Vision Trips provide this context, for people not only to go and serve, but to encounter God in a fresh way and dream about ways to impact the world for Christ.


There currently no vision trips with open applications. Please contact vision-midtown@cground.org if you have a vision trip idea, or want to learn more about vision trips at CG Midtown.

Have an Idea? 
Have a different trip in mind that you’d like to take with your house church, family or friends? We’d love to dream with you! If so, send us an e-mail.





Every summer, hundreds of teen moms head to YoungLives camp to hear the Gospel in a relatable and impactful way. To make it possible for these young moms to fully engage in the camp, volunteers from around the country spend a week providing care for their children, aged infant to 4 years. Consider joining in on this unique opportunity which allows you to serve in a very tangible way, as well as receive your own teaching and discipleship opportunities as a part of the childcare provider experience. To learn more, visit goyounglives.younglife.org

  • Trip Dates: July 15-20

  • Approximate Cost: $515

  • Number of participants: 5

  • Minimum age of participant w/parent or familiar adult: 14 years

  • Location: Timber Wolf Lake in Lake City, Michigan.

  • Trip Contact: Erin Whitmer email: erin.wiersma@gmail.com

  • Trip Deadline: March 31, 2018

Haus Edelweiss/Vienna, Austria

Learn more about ministry partner TCM International Institute by becoming a short-term worker at Haus Edelweiss. A short-term worker’s God-given gifts and talents will be utilized to serve Christian leaders who come to TCM’s main teaching campus near Vienna, Austria for ministry training.  Jobs vary from house-and-grounds projects (mowing lawns, etc.) to food preparation and serving, setting tables, dusting, sweeping, changing bed linens, doing laundry, etc.  A short-term worker must have a servant's heart to help the Haus Edelweiss staff give our guests the education and ministry they need.

Each short-term work trip to Haus Edelweiss is 13 days, including travel time. The trip will be comprised of 4 Midtowners embedded in a team of people from other churches.  Short-term workers work 12 hours each day but with adequate breaks to rest.  There are also many stairs to climb in the course of a day's work, so the volunteers must have good physical strength and stamina.

  • Trip Dates: July 29, 2018- August 10, 2018

  • Approximate Cost: $900-$1600

  • Number of participants: 5

  • Minimum age of participant: 18 years old

  • Trip contact: Lindsay Flegge / lflegge@gmail.com

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