REDISTRIBUTE is Common Ground’s annual Advent tradition of following in the footsteps of Jesus to join in the restoration of the world through sacrificial love. Each year, as a church body, we join in this restoration by reallocating our monetary resources to bless and serve others.

This year’s CG MIDTOWN will collect funds to practically PREPARE THE WAY for those committed to serving orphans internationally, and engaging in the adoption and foster process locally.




This year CG Midtown's Vision Team will start a CG MIDTOWN ADOPTION FUND. Funds raised will be used to help Midtowners with foster care and adoption efforts. The process for fund allocation and stewardship is important to the Vision Team so they are working with various resources to make sure this is done in a thoughtful and helpful way.

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Orphan care is a significant issue around the world. One of our vision partners, Steve and Bridget Hurry, serve as directors of Otino Waa Children's Village (OTW) which serves over 300 orphans in northern Uganda. As orphans grow older, OTW has created a micro business plan to prepare them to find a self-sustaining occupation after they leave the orphanage. To assist OTW in their micro business program, CG is working with IAT (Fishers, IN) to purchase a BUV (Basic Utility Vehicle) with Redistribute contributions. The BUV has many applications and can be tailored to meet specific community needs. The most common uses include a delivery truck, school bus, water/food transporter, and ambulance.  There are also many options for agricultural implements for light tillage plowing, cultivating, planting, raking, and spreading fertilizer. The BUV will provide OTW many creative ways to consider potential job opportunities for children preparing to leave the orphanage.